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About Faye Hanshew & Inspired Creations Publishing Company LLC

Faye is a graduate of University of Phoenix.  She completed the following:

MBA (Master of Business Administration) with a 3.5 GPA. 

BSM (Bachelor of Science in Management) with a 3.78 GPA.

Faye is very excited to see you succeed at writing a best seller!  She believes anyone can succeed at what they set their heart to do.  She says, "Got an idea?  Write it in a book."  Here philosophy is to "Never let anyone tell you to put down your pen!"   

Faye is the Co-Owner, President and CEO of Inspired Creations Publishing Company LLC.  She is also Publisher and Editor of Faith Unlimited e-magazine, an online Christian magazine that has been in circulation on the internet for almost three years.

Faye enjoys customer service work, in which she worked 24-1/2 years for the State of Missouri.  She was a Supervisor for the Professional Support Staff and a Financial Technician while working for the Family Support Division.  She gives credit to her work at The Kaleidoscope Local Newspaper, to her time as a proofreader in a typographic office, along with the online magazine for the experience needed to start this publishing company.  

Whether you need a book cover designed, proofreading, editing, or a complete package, Faye is here to work with you to meet your publishing needs!  Send her an email at: Or, you can also go to our contact page on this website, and send her a note.  She is here to make your publishing experience a great one to remember!

As an added note of interest, Faye is also the talk show host on LIVE TALK WITH FAYE!

Her husband, Dr. Bill Hanshew, is the Co-Owner, Vice-President, and CTO of Inspired Creations Publishing Company LLC.  He is Co-Publisher and Co-Editor of Faith Unlimited e-Magazine.  Dr. Bill is also an author and developer of the online teaching concept through World Bible School webinars, which includes 6 free weekly broadcasts.

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